HYDAC Power Units enable the Electrification of Mobile Working Machinery

With the aim of sustainably reducing emissions, electrification is playing an increasingly greater role even in mobile working machinery. To enable various main and auxiliary functions to be driven with a high power density even without a diesel engine, hydraulic power units are needed here. The design of these power units is focused on energy efficiency, to enable optimised battery sizing and a long operating life.

Variable-speed power units to supply hydraulic auxiliary functions

HYDAC power units, with their compact design, enable hydraulic functions to be supplied with power in electrified mobile machinery, thanks to:

●       Variable-speed motors for battery supply from 24 to 800 V DC

●       Powerful controllers (integrated into the motor or external)

●       Low-noise, realised by various pump designs

●       All required hydraulic components (filters, valves, accumulators, sensors) integrated into the power unit


Thanks to the variable speed, the system can be provided with the required power efficiently, in accordance with the operating status. 

Diverse areas of application

HYDAC compact power units are used in various electrified working machines with a wide range of requirements. We will be happy to design the perfect power unit for your application.

The following examples illustrate how diverse the applications can be:

Steering and other auxiliary functions in municipal machines

Small multi-functional tools such as road sweepers for parks and pedestrian precincts are becoming increasingly electrified. To supply power to the steering permanently, a small 24 V hydraulic unit is needed. Smaller auxiliary functions that are only needed sporadically and for brief periods can also be powered by our hydraulic power unit.

Control of hydraulic actuators in machines for garden and landscape maintenance

In garden and landscape maintenance, small autonomously driven vehicles with hydraulic actuators are needed that can be used almost constantly.

Our brushless compact power units in 48 V DC design enable continuous operation. Our particularly high-resolution proportional valve technology also allows extremely sensitive control of the actuators and thus very high-precision work.

Brakes and other auxiliary functions in airport technology – baggage trolleys and pushback tractors

Existing battery-operated vehicles such as baggage trolleys and pushback tractors as airport equipment are being changed over to autonomous driving. To make this possible, a small and efficient hydraulic supply unit is needed to continuously supply the brakes with power. Smaller auxiliary functions such as hydraulic locking are also controlled by the power unit. An 80V DC grid was chosen for the electric power supply.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Energy-efficient, variable-speed motors enable batteries to be sized smaller and can increase the time until the next charging cycle
  • High level of integration, and thus very compact design
  • Long power unit service life thanks to permanent oil filtration
  • Low noise level